Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Future Boat Dreams

Ahhh. Retirement in 6 years, I'll be 55. The Coronado 25 will be long gone by then. It is a wonderfull training boat but we will need something 10, 11 0r 12 feet longer.

We have no set make or model in mind but here are some necessities:

1) Keel stepped mast, chances of losing your mast completely is greatly reduced.
2) Wife insists on a wheel over a tiller, I do see her point.\
3) Shoal keel, the length of the boat.
4) Hammock, maybe two of them.

What we would love to have, but this is not written in stone:

1) Steel hull, for those times I decide to rub up against a coral atoll.
2) Twin keels for careening the boat for maintenance. (We will be on a budget)
3) Would love a center cockpit.
4) There is more but my brain is stalled out.

Here are some courses we MUST take in 6 years:

1) Marine diesel maintenance (Me at Humber College in Toronto)
2) Both of us must take a radio operators course.
3) First aid and CPR.
4) Learn how to use a sewing machine.
5) Take navigation courses, INCLUDING paper charts and how to use a sextant!

As for equipment, there could be an endless list $$$$$$. We are going to keep it simple, the less stuff you have the less breakage you have. That being said, I have to bone up on my refrigeration repair so I can earn a few extra folding dollars while cruising.

This is by no means complete or fixed, except for the first 4 things. We remain flexible about everything else.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New free stuff

Well, as a cheap sailor, I have to tell you of the cool things I got.

First, for my birthday, I got a brand new, 25 year old radio. Yup, still in its packaging, I have to look closer at it as I can't remember if its a VHF or a SSB. My ancient mind is leaning toward VHF.

Next, a friend in BC bought an old boat and is giving me (It is in the mail) his old GPS/knot meter. It is old, and the chip is only good for the Great Lakes and cannot be updated for some reason. I am excited.

We bought a new flare gun with flares. The old flares have expired.....That's it.