Thursday, December 2, 2010

A great resource for DIY sailors... is a great forum I use to solve any problems I come across.. For the most part the people are great, very quick to offer a solution with very little judging or criticizem thrown in. I would recomend anyone doing boat projects peruse the forum, because somewhere, someone has done what you are about to go through.

The forum members are such good people that they will even report on their own follies and mistakes, just so I can repeat them and confirm that that particular idea ond/or method was indeed a folly or mistake.

They don't call me "Do It Twice Allan" for nothing you know.

On a different note, we just moved closer to our boat and further away from work. We now live exactly 1000 meters from our boat, or 1 kilometer which if you still do distance old school about 5/8 th of a mile? It has been a while since I even thought in the old imperial

It is a smaller but way cheaper place, and even with the storage unit we rented we are saving a bundle.

Did I mention it is 1 kilometer from our boat?:)