Monday, June 20, 2011

Not a sailing post...

My daughter was mugged by two young black men right here in Hamilton. Stereotype 1 and Stereotype 2 did the deed in front of a garages security camera. Police are optimistic. As am I. Mechanics came out of the garage after the commotion, grunted and went back in. There a mighty fine example of latino machismo in action. NOT! I made a 40 minute trip from work in under 25 minutes, that is the extent of this fathers impotent protection of his daughter. Fuck, am I pissed.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look here...a steamer!

This just appeared overnight at our marina. As a certified steam man this excites me at many levels. It reminds me of the African Queen. Very similar boiler. Wood fired with what looks like a single cylinder reciprocating engine. All day I was hearing its steam whistle. Mark my words, I will make friends with these people AND I will get up and personal with this boat.

Great sail today. Started off bad, I forgot my sunglasses and had to go back in to get them. I was so un-used to the sun the glare off the deck was killing me. When we set out again the wind caught us and we ended up in a narrow part of the marina. I deliberately ran our boat in the end of a finger dock to regain control. Honest. We buried the toe rail a couple of times and the wife had a blast as did I.