Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here is my wife Ellie showing off in our brand new to us dinghy. She had never been in one before and just clambered in and stroked away.

Here I am rowing a dinghy for the very first time. I found it very tippy.

This is where we store it.

Me looking cool and nautical.

Ellie in the fore hatch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My wife Ellie on the bow.

Just a picture of my wife. I can't remember where we were going, or if we were comming back...that's sailing for you...lol

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our sail to and from Toronto

Here we are at Toronto Island Marina.It was a 7 hour sail on a port tack all the way to Toronto. The marina itself was a disappointment as the slip assigned to us couldn't have taken a canoe, let alone us with a 9 foot beam thanks to a over sized power boat next to our slip. So we spent three days at a service dock....near the pump out station. We got harassed by the boat repair crew, who threatened to tow us out, I never said a word to them, my wife was polite tom a fault, but it never stopped the dirty looks we got for three days, until a slip opened up for us. Actually we were about to leave but the girl in the office begged us not to go because of the weather. And boy, am I ever glad we caved and stayed. It was a dirty, dirty day. We left the next day and it was a rough sail back due to 10 to 12 foot swells of our aft quarter, the absolute worst motion for me, a corkscrew that had me queasy for 8 hours. Alla in all a good vacation. I bought a tilley hat too.