Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is the hull with the second coat of paint. The white boot stripe is our secret. Ok, Ok, its actually the original gel coat....we just masked over it then painted the hull then the anti-fouling.

The paint job has some runs in it but that will hold 'till next year. We are counting our pennies now. Soon I'll post some photos of our overhaul of the cabin insides, be warned, it looks like Beruit during the eighties. Total war zone.

Shortly we'll mount the outboard and test it. After all, we launch in 7 days. Must remember to install a new bilge pump, I, ahem, accidently punctured the old one with a screwdriver... don't ask.

Also stopped some major leaks from the deck, yahoo!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look at me and my shiny red hull.This is just the first coat. Tommorow the second coat goes on after a light sanding. Then the anti-fouling.
I still have to stick the new plywood ceiling to the deck head. I also have to finish off the engine compartment deck. Somehow.
It is all fun.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hole in the deck!

Here are two pictures looking aft, with the engine compartment removed. The circular holes were where the engine compartment vents were, and will be again. The other four holes was where the guard rail stanchions compressed the deck. I cut them out. Hint: use a metal cutting blade on the fiberglass as any other blade won't last a minute.
I cut a 1/4 plywood support panel for underneath and uses some glass and resin and bonded it to the bottom of the deck from inside the engine compartment. Then I glassed on a bigger fiberglass sheet cloth than the plywood support panel.
This is only on the port side so far as the f#@%&^g weather is not co-operating.
We have to delay the launching of the boat 9 days because of this.
To save money, we are using Bondo marine body filler for fairing the repairs as it is way cheaper than the 3M stuff, plus you get a lot more of it.
Damn, I want to be sailing now.
This lets me know that we can afford a larger fixer upper and over the years do it right while sailing the traing boat. All we need is some land to store it!!!