Monday, August 30, 2010

Outboard idle problem solved..

The problem with my outboard and its idle is all my fault. Being the cheap ass that I am I buy the cheapest, lowest grade fuel the add the oil additive. Well, I found out the ethanol in the fuel and the two stroke oil don't like each other.

Solution: Used the highest grade of fuel, it will have the lower percentage of ethanol. My problem is that I have a full tank of fuel and don't want to waste it, remember I'm a cheap ass.

Solution: When you're done using the motor, don't shut it off right away, disconnect the fuel line from the engine or the fuel tank and starve the engine into submission! This cleans out the carb from any unhealthy build up. Hope this helps.....Allan

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Engine work...again!

I went to a nearby power boat store and purchased an adaptor kit to remount my throttle and gear shifter cables to my kicker.

It cost me $100 and some change. To start.

Now this is where I get pissy about those bumper stickers that say " Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign!"

I want a bumper sticker that says "Want to give money away to business that have no quality products? Keep buying North American!

I am not kidding, out of all the parts in that kit, I was able to one single little plastic piece hook up the throttle cable....after I had to purchase a Dremmel type tool to modify a piece of MY throttle cable so it would fit in the plastic receiver. I couldn't modify the receiver as it is built way to flimsy for any modifications.

My motor is a Johnson Evinrude, the adaptor kit is a Johnson Evinrude product.

The gear shifter cannot be hooked up as it, well fuck me ever so gently, seems to be missing crucial parts.

So, in closing, beware any nationalistic, protectionist, 2 brain celled needle dicked asswipe who spouts off about protecting North American jobs as I'm in the mood to give his dentist some work. I truly can't believe the drivel that gets peddled as product around here. I can't believe there is idiots like me still around to buy that drivel.

That being said, I am going to do some independent investigation whether or not I was sold the correct adaptor kit or the kit is total shit.

If I was sold the wrong kit I will go after the fucking dealer.....if the kit is correct and it is just pure shit, I will go after Evinrude itself...I am not a happy camper.

On a good not, my $10 Jobmate hobby tool worked flawlessly, and it was only $10! A real dremmel was $60 and a Canadian Tire knock off was like $50. Mine only cost $10, and comes with a 1 year warranty to boot!