Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall sailing and winter storage.

Here I am at the beach in Port Dalhousie in St. Catharines Ontario. The picture doesn't do justice to the sunset. It was a fine, cool sail type of Autum weekend. The lower temperatures did not stop my water nymph of a wife from making me drop anchor and go for a swim. None of that shrinkage producing water for me!

We now have a winter storage plan! We will store our boat in Hamilton at the Hamilton Harbour Authority for about $500 less than at our marina. We will also try and get a slip there in the spring. Not only will it be closer to home, with only a thirty minute drive as opposed to at least an hour at present. Plus, there are two chandleries within walking distance of the place. I love chandleries.

Yes, this will be my first big trip! About 40 kilometers or so as the crow flies, er, I mean as the boat sails.

It was a great weekend for both even with Ellies lungs acting up. Asthma. The winds were about 20kph and we even went wing on wing several times. i found that kind of hard as it took a lot concentration to maintain a consistant heading. It would have been easier if my wife would stop flashing me every now and then! I am easily distracted.


kathryn said...

the sunset looks very cool, Al! what are chandleries?? its cool that you have discovered a less expensive and closer place for your beloved boat! We've been around the Hamilton Harbor many times. . been to the waterfront park there and been on board the Haida - very cool. not sure what 'wing to wing' is, but you sure have the lingo down pat!!

Graham said...

Hi Allan Great to see another Coronado 25 owner enjoying himself.

Jackpot looks very similar to our boat Banjo except Banjo,s motor is on a stern bracket as the outboard well wasnt fitted to our boat , originally she had an inboard motor. Happy sailing Cheers from Graham