Saturday, November 1, 2008

Winter Storage

The top left picture show the engine well, a sad looking cutting into my boats stern. I am not sure what I am going to do with this but the name "Jackpot" will be gone. We have not named the boat yet, any and all suggestions are welcome. Do not suggest "Jackpot". Or "Uranus". We are leaning towards "First Step" or "Our Dream" or "Our Addiction" Addiction is the front runner as the boat is always on our mind. Much to the annoyance to family, friends and co-workers I'm sure.

The top right photo shows some self inflicted gel coat damage that needs to be repaired next spring. Ah, the memories! Eeeek, Crunch and Scrape!

The lower left photo shows a chunk the size of my thumb ripped out of the bow. Same result of the previous stated action. Thankfully this is my training boat.

The lower right photo is just an overall shot. Hopefully we can get the cosmetic and chunky work done in time to paint the hull a nice blue that matches ou new sail cover. The orange pin stripe will remain and of course we will put a new ant-fouling coat on the bottom. I can't wait to show the after photos next spring

Sunday after I drop my wife off at work I am going to remove the mighty 9.9 horse power engine along with the batteries and cushions. I am looking forward to the upcomming work, and also dreading it. An interesting conflict. One thing about the sailing life is that it is so soothing regardless what I'm doing. For example, today was cold and windy yet I noticed nothing until I got back in my car after two hours of putting around the thing. Then I noticed how cold I was. "Our Addiction" is the front runner because of this stange phenonomin. Well, I got to go watch "Journey To The Center Of the Earth"


Graham said...

Hello Alan Have you decided on the new name yet?We were going to change Banjos name when we got her but couldnt agree on one so Banjo she remains :-)I keep Banjo afloat for most of our comparitively mild winters so we get a little bit of sailing in.Usually bring her ashore for 3 or 4 weeks in Jan or Feb for maintenance work.I am still undecided about constructing an outboard well such as you have.It looks a lot better and protects the engine but Im not sure if its worth the work and expense as the motor seems to work fine on its transom bracket even in choppy seas.Still thinking about it. Cheers Graham

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have the extra long shaft motor. Can you tilt it out of the water? I have one I'm reducing to a regular long shaft.


Angelica said...

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