Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 days of sailing in a row!

We just had four wonderful days of sailing. The weather was cool for the season but the wind was a good 15 knots.
Friday evening was OK even after my wife's emergency root canal at noon.
Saturday wonderful and tough and after I changed the alternator on our car we went out. Just approaching our marina lifts the foul mood I was in after working on the car. The winds were just shy of overpowering us but we refused to reef or go to one sail. What a work out.
Sunday my newly married cousin and her husband joined us for a BBQ, drinks and a sail. Fun times had by all.
Monday our daughter came out with us, (a rarity), but she was bored. The wife and I loved it of course.
We were supposed to go out on a Nonsuch Tuesday but it rained. Supposed to rain tonight also.
Not much of an entry.....Allan

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