Sunday, February 14, 2010

Auxillery power Scotty!!

More about our emergency generator purchase.

It is NOT a Honda 2000. A common misconception is that the '2000' refers to Hondas maximum watt output, noooo, it refers to its cost! No, it actually refers to its maximum output, not to be confused with its continuous running output..

The '2000' represents its maximum output in watts. Don't confuse this with its actual running output, which is considerably less.
Now my 'cheapo' gen set is listed at 2900 watts, but its continuous output is 2300 watts

You would think that's a lot of power, but it isn't. let me put it in context, remembering that I am not an electrical engineer.

We have a simple household toaster rated at 950 watts. That is a given as I just turned the damned thing over and got a lap full of toast crumbs. So, we flash the generator up and plug in the toaster.....yes that is bread toasting, just like at home. Then Darth Vader, er, I mean my 17 year old daughter wakes up. Needs to blow dry her hair straight right this moment! She plugs her Conaire 1200 in. Yes, the 1200 is its wattage.

That is a total of 2159 watts of demand. Theoretically the gen set should handle it. Who knows. That doesn't leave much wiggle room for extra demand, just a spare 150 watts.

Of course when we flashed it up, (started it, in Navy jargon), in the backyard, The wife vacuumed the living room with it. It worked OK.

The only drawback with the beast is that it is awkward and heavy. It will take up a lot of room on a 25' sailboat but that sailboat is only a temporary learning boat.

Can't wait to have a real blackout like the 4-5 day one a few years back.Even in the winter we will be able to run our furnace with some careful wire splicing. We'll be the envy of our frozen neighbours.

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