Sunday, April 25, 2010

It floats! It floats!

The boat went in without a hitch last Wedensday. My thruhull repairs held. The motor started ok. The only hitch was the wind. It was too windy to put the mast up.

So, we were going to raise the mast Thursday but some asshole tied up his boat at the mast crane and left for the evening. He screwed over half a dozen guys wanting to raise their masts too. What a jerk.

Sooo, the next day the wife and I went to the marina early in the morning to raise our mast only to find our mast burried under more masts. I lost it and left. (With the wife of course).

Now its raining.


s/v Skylark said...

Well that sucks. Have you gotten the mast up yet?

EllieS said...

The mast IS up finally!!!!!!!