Monday, May 31, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

My daughter had her graduating Prom on Saturday so I was at her beck and call all day for driving to hair salon and fingernail place etc. She looked beautiful. Rule #1 and the only rule...she was not to get in a car if anyone had would have been OK to be at a destination with booze, but not before. My good girl danced for five hours and called me for a drive home at 11 pm. Sober.

Friday and Sunday were awesome sailing days. Period. Sunday was even better than Friday because it was an all day event. 32 degrees Celsius, high UV, and 10 to 15 knots of wind. We went under the lift bridge onto Lake Ontario proper. The Lake itself had a lot of algae for about a mile off shore then the water cleared up. We sailed and made googly eyes at each other for about two hours then decided to drop the sails and drift. I figure we were about 5 or 6 miles off shore. E
we picnicked, had a drink, acted like newlyweds.. heh, heh. The wife even went for a quick dip...

Then we just lay ed around, had another drink and read whatever books we had lying around.

OK, we were laying around 'au naturale' with plenty of UV protection. I don't think any UV protection was necessary as more power and sail boats dropped by to see if we were OK. As annoying it was to put clothes on, take clothes off...over and over, it was also nice to know there doesn't seem to be much apathy in fellow boaters when it comes down to boaters safety:)

Sunday just confirmed that we have chosen the correct path for us and we need a good canvas dodger with a sunscreen:) Damn it, I have to post a few pictures don't I? Modest ones of course!


s/v Skylark said...

Wow, that is a perfect weekend to say the least. Very jealous as the rain poors down outside and I prepare documents for work while listening to the mother in laws psychotic cats all weekend.

EllieS said...

Damm power boater ruined my tan lines :) It was a perfect weekend and Hail looked stunning(she got my legs and your height!!).