Friday, July 9, 2010

Outboard motor issues...again

I curse my outboard motor....again. My ever so wise wife reminds me that it was a piece of scrap that came with the boat, (I still have the bill of sail to prove it). Now it won't idle again.....and my shop manual is MIA on the boat somewhere. I am not ashamed to say I am frustrated by this simple mechanical devil, but I am ashamed to say it makes me feel extremely stupid in other when it refused to turn over. I thought I drained the starter battery, but after 15 minutes of looking for the charger, (which was at home), it turned out I blew a fuse....Duh! Check the easy and simple things first!

I'll admit I had fantasies of tying a mooring ball to it and dropping it in the harbour! I do need a new motor soon but I just put one in the car so the $$$$$$ are just not there. Thanks for the rant, I needed that...Allan

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s/v Skylark said...

At this point, I would get yourself and oar and a pair of gloves. :)