Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Future Boat Dreams

Ahhh. Retirement in 6 years, I'll be 55. The Coronado 25 will be long gone by then. It is a wonderfull training boat but we will need something 10, 11 0r 12 feet longer.

We have no set make or model in mind but here are some necessities:

1) Keel stepped mast, chances of losing your mast completely is greatly reduced.
2) Wife insists on a wheel over a tiller, I do see her point.\
3) Shoal keel, the length of the boat.
4) Hammock, maybe two of them.

What we would love to have, but this is not written in stone:

1) Steel hull, for those times I decide to rub up against a coral atoll.
2) Twin keels for careening the boat for maintenance. (We will be on a budget)
3) Would love a center cockpit.
4) There is more but my brain is stalled out.

Here are some courses we MUST take in 6 years:

1) Marine diesel maintenance (Me at Humber College in Toronto)
2) Both of us must take a radio operators course.
3) First aid and CPR.
4) Learn how to use a sewing machine.
5) Take navigation courses, INCLUDING paper charts and how to use a sextant!

As for equipment, there could be an endless list $$$$$$. We are going to keep it simple, the less stuff you have the less breakage you have. That being said, I have to bone up on my refrigeration repair so I can earn a few extra folding dollars while cruising.

This is by no means complete or fixed, except for the first 4 things. We remain flexible about everything else.



s/v Skylark said...

Hey Allan, I love it when a plan comes together. However,(you know me, have to add my 2 cents) before making the number one "have to haves" set in stone, read this post from crusing forums, it might make you go Hmmmm on the keel stepped mast.
Good luck as always, we will be watching. :)

Allan S said...

Jim, looked it up and thanks. I still would feel a touch safer with a keel stepped mast as we watched a deckstepped mast fall over this summer. The wife and I and a couple of other sailors got a thank you from the ownwer for pulling the mast out of the water....I would have liked a beer too:)

mykinchesapeek said...

Sounds like you're on your way to another boat! Got your post on my blog ( ), thanks for the encouragement! - Mike

Athena said...

Good Luck with your Dreams
6yrs is a long wait.