Monday, June 4, 2012

The first tribute to my navy trade!

This is the first tribute to my naval trade, Marine Engineer, (Stoker), that I have ever came across. We stokers worked in ridiculous heat, I seen with my own two eyes, a medic with a machine that measures environmental stress on the human body scramble out of the engine room when he took a gander at his readings. We stokers just muddled on. If you saw a stoker come off watch and his shirt was not plastered to his body, you knew he was skiving off somewhere.

When we not on watch, we had to respond to fires and dress up in fire fighting gear, and sweat your bag off once more. If there was a flood, we stood waist deep then chest deep in the water shouting measurements to our mates who were cutting wooden braces to stop the flooding. There was nothing delicate about my trade so it was very nice and surprising to hear about this monument.

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