Friday, September 5, 2008

Our first port visit.

Our first port visit was actually another marina in St. Catharines Ontario. This is Port Dalhousie, a quaint drinking suburb of St. Catharines. It is only maybe 5 miles from our home marina, St. Catharines Marina, but hey, it was our very first destination. The wife and I used to party here all the time when we lived here. Oh, the hangovers. 5 miles may not seemlike much but it did take 3 hours to get here. We had a good head wind and a lot of tacking to get there. Good practice for Ellies rope handling. Next time I'm going to sail into the public docks. I seen it done and it looks easy.
The picture on the left shows how easy Ellie makes friends, The centre picture show Hailey on the 5 cent carousel (sp?) Yes, it still only costs one nickle to ride. The picture on the right shows me on the luxury yacht, and my daughter watching, looking like Ahab waiting to harpoon the whale! By the way, I'm not really here in Canada, I'm actually anchored in some lagoon in the South Pacific being served drinks by girls in coconut bikinis. I wonder how the coconut bikini wearing girls got on my anchored boat? I can't wait for life to catch up to my dreams.


Ellie said...

I better be the girl int he coconut bikkini babe :)

kathryn said...

you're too funny, Al!! I love this new blog of yours. . girls in coconut bikinis?!! would they also feed you grapes and fan you with a big feather fan?