Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sails Up!

This is just after our boat was launched in May and towed to our slip. The main is showing, and the jib would soon follow. People made fun of me for raising them while still tied up but my reasoning is this; If there is a rigging problem, better be where we could abandon ship and stay dry!

They lady in the picture is my First Mate, Ok, Ok she is my wife of 18 years. We bought a cheap boat in case sailing didn't sit well with her, boy, did we make a timid choice there. She is rabid about sailing. She is scaring me with her enthusiasm.

The motor was sold as scrap on the bill of sale. A friend got it going and I am now the proud owner of a Johnson/Evinrude Yachtwin 9.9 H.P., circa 1985. Doesn't idle well but my new shop manual should help me there.

Did some fiberglass work in the engine well last weekend. Man oh man, is that stuff messy. Acetone turns out to be my best friend. First time ever working with the stuff. Do you want a word of advice for the first time users? OK, here it is; When you buy a kit from a big chain discount store that rhymes with Hall Fart, don't use the fiberglass threads that come with it. There might be a good use for the crap, but I don't see any myself. Go to an auto parts store and buy a fiberglass blanket and cut your pieces out of that. Much better to work with.

When I actually get down to the boat again (She is an hours drive from us) I'll get pictures of the work and the reasoning for this little job. When I explain it with pictures it should make sense.

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