Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is the hull with the second coat of paint. The white boot stripe is our secret. Ok, Ok, its actually the original gel coat....we just masked over it then painted the hull then the anti-fouling.

The paint job has some runs in it but that will hold 'till next year. We are counting our pennies now. Soon I'll post some photos of our overhaul of the cabin insides, be warned, it looks like Beruit during the eighties. Total war zone.

Shortly we'll mount the outboard and test it. After all, we launch in 7 days. Must remember to install a new bilge pump, I, ahem, accidently punctured the old one with a screwdriver... don't ask.

Also stopped some major leaks from the deck, yahoo!!!

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kathryn said...

it looks beeyootiful!!!!