Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look at me and my shiny red hull.This is just the first coat. Tommorow the second coat goes on after a light sanding. Then the anti-fouling.
I still have to stick the new plywood ceiling to the deck head. I also have to finish off the engine compartment deck. Somehow.
It is all fun.


Anonymous said...

I have a 1969. I had a 1/4" layer of veneered plywood with plenty of bright bits and screws. I cut it out at the bulkhead. I then sanded, fair just a little and rolled a layer of epoxy and then painted the ceiling and sides bright white. I removed the vinyl from the sides as well and left it a little rough (left the dry weave did not fill it in, just tried to get most of the dried glue off. A few layers of primer and paint latter it looks great. (used the ceiling piece to make "sideboards" to replace the vinyl covered stock ones.

I ended up over-drilling all of the thru deck mounting holes and filling with thickened epoxy. I had some rot under the stantions and replaced the core. I also ended up using g-10 to raise the stantion locations since the were mounted in the gutter and it rains a lot. good luck.

Anonymous said...

the best thing I did for the interior of the boat was take out the "homecenter". The thing takes up so much space. You end up moving around it. I have rubbermaids under the table (usually kept down and tied off)

I had thought of making a replacement sink, but I use a bucket for dishes and such now, -and a cooler under the ladder.
The benefits are better use of the port side storage (where the sink discharge is), a full length bunk, and I can pack the cooler anywhere and clean it at home.

Allan S said...

My wife also wants to get rid of the galley area too. If we have the boat another season that will be next winters project...Allan