Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The mast is up!

No pictures today. The mast went up last Saturday and a very good friend showed up and we re-bedded the hand rails and sealed the deadlights, most had small leaks but one had a good leak.
We were going to sail on Sunday but my wife fell through the companionway into the cabin and hurt her shoulder. As she is my bos'n and rope handler we put the sail off until later on in the week.
Good thing I suppose as I forgot to hook up the ground to the mast. That was an easy fix. Then the wife dicovered that the bilge pump was not working. Just a bad connection, remedied by cutting out all connections and replacing them with heat shrink connectors and electrical tape. Also put in an in-line fuse holder and hooked it up to the house battery directly. Installed a second, albiet, smaller bilge pump operated from the circuit panel.
Finally returned a new friends' (Vic), two hand held GPS'. He loaned us some of Paul and Sherry Shards videos, Distant Shores and the units were in the bag. It really weighed on my mind that we had them. He was gone for 10 days as he is a long haul trucker. just one of many good people we met in the marina.
Another nice seeming guy is Steve Smith, you know, Red Green. I never spoke with him but did nod a couple of times.
I have had drinks on two other boats, been invited on a couple of more, sailed on one. Had people drinking on mine. It is a lifestyle I want for the rest of my days.

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