Sunday, June 14, 2009

Using the boat as a seduction tool..

Here is my new friend Vic and a Lady Friend on his steel boat 'Alize'. Vic is shamelessly using his fine boat as a sedution tool. Shame, shame! Just kidding there, I mean, one could not use a more conductive setting than a solid, steady platform to introduce someone to the pleasure of sailing.

Think of it, the gentle, lulling sound of water lapping at your hull. Then the gentle wind caressing your body. That same wind swells your sails and moves the boat quietly through the water. Sounds boring? To one who has never been sailing, yes. to one who has been sailing before? No way!
I tried desperately for him to get his third sail up but he said that would be too much like work. Ahh, the Sea going Casanova didn't want to leave his Siren alone in the cockpit. Don't read anything dirty in the word 'cockpit', it is a legitimate nautical AND aviation there.
They took pictures of us sailing, and will send to us soon and when we do receive them I'll make another post. Later.....Allan

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kathryn said...

seduction tool!!! LOL!