Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Surprise, here is an entry NOT about a sail boat! Shown here is my best friend, Doug, and his new to him Formula Thunderbird 25.5. He just purchased it from an American and we are storing it in Paris Ontario. Look at his grin, that is the proverbial 'Cat that swallowed the canary' grin. In the navy it would have been calleda 'Shit eating grin', but as we are among polite company the first saying is the one we are using. To be fair to this blog, Doug owns a beautiful Spencer 46 and an Albacor. He has had three other sailboats prior. This powerboat is a detour off his usual purchases for sure. Now I'm going to add another picture and see what it does to the layout.
The other picture is the engine, a small block Chevy, I think. I am not a big engine gear head so I'm not sure. Needless to say I was a bit shocked to see it in the back of the delivery truck instead of being mounted in the boat. It is now resting in the boat.
Future work includes a paint job and some trim replacement. Looks like fun.

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