Sunday, December 20, 2009

Out board overhaul

Here are seven (7) photos of our outboard (Or a 'Kicker' as they are known as in sailing circles). It is a 1986 Johnson Evinrude Yachtwin 9.9 hp.
Here is the work required:
1) Change oil in lower unit.
2) Change seals in lower unit
3) Change impeller (Yearly routine)
4) Epoxy the pit marks on casing, fair the work and paint.
5) change spark plugs and spark plug wires.
The top photo shows the power head resting on a shelf, I just have to change the plugs and wires. Very simple. My wife removed the plugs herself because she wanted to know how to it. She now knows.
The second photo shows the disassembled water pump, what you see here is the impeller and base plate. Very dirty.
Third and fourth photos shows the lower unit wedged in my vise. I squeezed it between two pieces of 2 x 4s because of the odd shape and size of the lower end. Also I used wood because I did not want to damage the relatively soft, (compared to the jaws of the vise), aluminum body.
The last three shots are of the intermediate, or middle piece. This section connects the power head, (or motor), to the lower end, (gear box and propeller). You can see the epoxy on the casing. My next step is to sand it down, then prime and paint it. I want to see how this turns out before I tackle the other two pieces.
My manual is my bible for this project. I have wrote on the inside cover the year, make model and serial number for ease of ordering parts.
Now for ordering, you can order them from pert near any marinas engine shop. Whether you get them in a timely manner is another matter. At our first marina in St. Catharines Ontario we would order parts and wait weeks for a delivery. We then found Forans Marina near Stoney Creek and found Lucy, a very nice and knowledgeable shop keeper. Place an order and get it in three days. Tops. Sadly it is a bit out of the way for us but we'll live with that.
That's all for now. Hoping to show and update in a few weeks.....Allan

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