Sunday, December 27, 2009

We are interested...

Here is a beautiful character boat that just came up for sale and is stored not 300 metres from our boat. I don't know where she hails from but my wife found it and we visited it Boxing Day.
One of a kind, steel, (very, $35,000 Canadian. 36' long, (11' longer than our training boat), and did I mention it is steel?
Externally there is some cosmetic work and if and when we get serious there will be a thorough inspection done using a surveyor!
What the wife and I require is a sound hull, a fair motor and a couple of working sails and six years to play and modify until I reach the big 55 and quit working for the 'Man'
I feel bad, it was their dream but for health issues and I want it for less than 35 grand. Maybe I could throw in our little wee boat too?
The wife is in contact with him via e-mails and she'll get some interior shots soon.
I love dreams, don't you? Especially when they are actually within your grasp.


s/v Skylark said...

Good luck man, you just never know.

Hampus said...