Sunday, May 16, 2010

A bit of everything.

The first picture show our 'new to us' roller furling. We paid $250 US for it. It came from a Luger 24 I believe. We are excited as now my wife won't have to go forward on the dangerously pitching deck to lower the forsail any more! She can do it from the comfort of the cockpit:)

The second picture shows Ellie tidying up the halyards, (ropes that pull something), after we got the boom and mainsail up and running.

The third picture shows the booms gooseneck fitting as requested by someone who bought a Coronado 25 recently. Hope this helps.

Fourth picture is of our daughters two new kittens. Just a sec, I have to spritz them as they are clawing the couch. Again. Tiny aren't they? But potent, one fart from them can clear a room! I'm not much of a pet guy, but I'm kind of fond of these two. If anyone is considering pets, get two at the same time, they keep each other company AND more than double your entertainment value!

Fifth picture is of Ellie and me after we cleaned up for an old Navy Buddies wedding. Great time was had by all. The wedding party danced down the isle to the tune "Tonight's The Night" by the Black Eyed Peas. The bride and groom, Max and Dianne complement each other to know end. The only downside was that Dianne's father succumbed to cancer 2 days prior. You could see a bit of emptiness in her eyes.

The last picture is of the kittens again, they are cute enough for another shot. They are playing at the base of our clothes rack, er, I mean exercise machine.

There are two extra photos in here and it is way to hard to get rid of them as blogger shows the photos as code as opposed to an image. I just don't know which codes to delete. Sorry.

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