Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter project (and summer and probably fall too)

I just received my plans for Danny Greenes "Chameleon", a two piece nesting dinghy. I hope to do a modest job with it and will post picture of my progress or lack there-of. Here is a picture of one I got from google images. I just hope my finished project is half as nice. The other picture shows it in the space saving nested configuration. Each section can float and is joined by a couple of stainless steel bolt. There are three floatation chambers, one in the bow and two in the stern. It can be sailed, rowed or motored. It weighs (supposedly) less than a hundred pounds combined.
I don't think I'll be making the sailing version.
I realize that hard dinghies are not overly popular as they are tippy, but this puppy is going to be durable to the max. Those that know me know that I am hard on equipment. I need something that can take abuse and keep smiling:).
Oh, one more thing, last night I began a night school course on small marine diesel maintenance. I already learned a lot about fuel that I did not know, and I was a marine engineer in the navy!
More later.


s/v Skylark said...

Looks like a fun project. The question is though, any progress on new boats? Why don't you come down to the Miami boat show this year, beer is on me.

Zen said...

If it could sail...perfect!

Allan S said...

Still waiting for the estate to settle, yes I am a co-executor, the trouble is that the other executor was caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak and has delayed every phase of this estate. I can taste a new boat though:)