Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 days

It has been 10 days since we last sailed.

Outboard motor issues.

The last day we went sailing, I tilted the engine up and unknowingly pinched two (2) wires off. effected repairs while bobing about to no avail. You would think I could connect the wires without any problems, right? Well you would be wrong.

The starter would not fully engage. Thought maybe the starter battery was low the wife suggested we hook it up to the house battery. Same result, an anemic spinning of the starter.

We sailed in to the fuel dock with several power boaters just watching, not one offer of assistance which I find mostly typical of the powered brethren.

Next day, with the help, (OK, he was the nautical driving force), of a friend we sailed the boat into our slip, though it took two attempts. Whe we pulled in, there was unasked help from, you guessed it, a real sailor. he recognized that a boat with its sails up approaching a dock might be in distress.

Sooo, now a day or three has passed during a massive heat wave and I'm thinking like a demon. The starter itself is now shot, I know, I know, the odds are long that two things could go wrong but remember, I am a

I remove the flywheel with a puller, but boy oh boy was its nut ever on tight! The starter was a snap to remove but guess what? On the bench it worked like a charm! Some effing genius I am:(

So its back to the book and the wiring diagram. Somehow I must have screwed up big time as now the ignition smoked a bit. Just a bit. So, any day now I am going to haul that sumbitch motor out of its well and really look over the wring.

Any designer that designs a wellfor an outboard should be stuffed down said well head first. BTW, there was an awefull lot of cuss word at the marina this past week.

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