Monday, July 30, 2012

Congratulations to us!

We just closed a deal on a Seafarer 38. It is cutter rigged and needs some interior work, Ok, needs a lot of interior work. I am 6'3" and there is atleast another 3inches in the galley area. Don't have great pics yet. The Perkins 4-107 works, looks rough but works. We are pumped.


s/v Skylark said...

Fantastic, congrats! Now maybe you guys can come down here to Florida and extend your sailing season a bit. :)

Allan S said...

Thanks, thats the plan! FYI, the water in Hamilton did not freeze last winter.....which is odd in Canada:)

Lowell said...

The engine picture looks like it squeezed in under lift up cockpit floor doors. Is that correct? Looks like a really hard place to get to.
Can't wait for more pics of your new boat.