Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here is the bow with the huge gouge, wait! The gouge is gone and is smooth as a babys' bottom!. Why it must have been me and that magic epoxy putty. That spot and lots of scrapes have now been filled and sanded smooth. Some times it had been filled and sanded three times like this gouge.

The wife has decided that we are painting the hull before it goes back in the water. Right beside me is a can of primer,(Interlux Pre-Kote), and two cans of Interlux Brightside Polyurethane paint, fire red. The hull is going to look sooo fast.

Slight setback with gluing the new plywood to the fiberglass deckhead, the temperature was too low for proper curing. Oh well, what is a bit more of overhead sanding with an antique 20 pound angle grinder.

Ellie, the wife, has put the third coat of varnish on the interior woodwork that we hadn't removed. It looks smashing. One more coat to go.

What with the setback, it looks like we might not make our launch date, which is set in stone, well we might have to pay an additional $175 to shift the boat out of launch rotation. Well, I guess we'll see what will happen....Later.


Ellie said...

Honestly you are just too funny..know wonder I married you!!!And lets try to keep our finders (and toes ..and legs )crossed that the boat goes in on April 20th...right up untile the day before we still have a chance!!

Ellie said...

Oops I meant fingers not finders crossed ....